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How to improve citizen satisfaction and livelihood within your community and how to attract the right businesses and residents to your area?

Our methodology and data tools offer local stakeholders additional transparency, accountability and effectiveness – improving the quality of life for citizens. Measuring “social growth” allows cities and policy stakeholders to engage with the private sector in a new way to create social sustainability for their citizens and communities. With our social impact drivers and prosperity data analysis we will identify potential areas of growth that will best serve residents, visitors, and business owners.

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Social Growth Score

How to compare the subject property with others in the benchmark geography?

Compare complex criteria such as attraction, attachment, diversity, recognition – defined by the value of underlaying metrics, explained further within our APOLLO dashboard. Drill down and compare your property/location with others in the benchmark geography, by criteria over time.

Apollo Impact Compass

What is the social impact of an investment?
What is the economic impact of investments into social significant projects?

With our client specific designed KPI’s and custom weighted metrics we can reflect and measure social impact of real estate investment, and the economic impact of investments into socially significant projects.

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