Real Estate

We help you to find the best use and best tenant
for your properties

We help you to find the best use and best tenant for your properties.

We help you to find the best use and best tenant for your properties.

To unlock your property's maximum possible economic value we designed a unique process which matches the qualities of your location with the best users. Some of our criterias are accessibility, visitation, and business diversity. This will optimize your tenant mix and asset value for a single building or an entire development.

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How it works

  1. Site Selection & Feasibility Studies

  • Understand community needs: socio-demographics, commute patterns, social media interests

  • Use big data for site selection: foot traffic and business growth trends, travel time and origin-destination studies

  • Integrate with existing zoning & market studies, streamline through automation

  • Balance low entry cost with high value growth potential

  1. Planning

  • Analyze hundreds of reference projects with
    big data tools

  • Create a data-driven master plan with interactive recalculations

  • Run spatial traffic prediction: daily counts of pedestrians and transport at and around retail and anchor functions

  • Integrate with your master plan and strategy experts

  1. Management

  • Find the best tenants (specific brands) for each commercial space

  • Optimize asset performance: manage traffic/catchment areas, monitor competitors

  • Monitor events: audience size, dwell time, sentiments

  • Track live asset data: visitor count and dwell time

  1. Monitoring & Social Impact Reporting

  • De-risk capex investments including carefully selected high-potential social projects

  • Measure real estate value multipliers through social and cultural projects

  • Build social impact reports for ESG / CSR compliance

  • Monitor custom business-specific KPIs using people-generated data

Suggested products

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Best Use Finder

How to identify the ideal tenant for your property?

Through our location assessment methodology we identify the tenants (best uses) with the strongest match for your property revealing the highest possible economic value, based on the qualities of your location.

Location Risk Score

How to asses risk and value of your real estate location forward looking?

APOLLO provides a clear view of location factors affecting real estate value and risk for investors, lenders, insurers and financial institutions. This customizable score offers a quick and easy way to evaluate the commercial potential and risk of locations and helps acting ahead of market change.

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